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Wellness care for the entire family.

Offering Craniosacral* therapeutic massage and preventative health & wellness classes, while bringing support and awareness to neurodivergent individuals.

Hello. I'm Lisa, owner and operator of DIVERGENT euphoria. (D.e.) I am ADD, which means, I'm Neurodivergent (A term used to describe a variety of cognitive abilities).D.e. is a safe space for healing and exploring consciousness.

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 Craniosacral therapy.....$95

A therapeutic massage that applies a gentle pressure along the spine, and mostly in the skull. The intention is to help the production and distribution of cerebral spinal fluid. When this fluid moves well through the brain and down the spine; the client is deeply relaxed, sometimes to the point of a dream state.

Classes - Meditation, , Posture & movement, preventative health & stress, heat/cold therapy, dry brushing/skin & lymph.................TBA

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Batavia, IL, USA


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